Ferodo Alfa 4C Street-Track Pads

Aggressive street & track pads for your Alfa 4C!  We've used these successfully on Lotus and testing on our 4C confirms that this is a great alternative to the stock 4C pads - just a bit more aggressive, so suitable for track use.  They have great feel and have a bit less dust than stock.  The Ferodo DS2500 is amongst the foremost high-performance street and track day pads in the business. It also offers excellent refinement for such a high-performance pad. This makes it the perfect pad for aggressive street/canyon driving and occasional track days.  

The main characteristics of DS2500 are:

  • Consistent (medium) coefficient of friction up to all but the highest temperatures
  • Low noise / low dusting
  • Long pad life
  • Easy on rotors
  • Firm pedal feel

Price is per axle set




Lightweight, Long-lasting & Proven! Our 4C ULTRAdisc 2-piece rotors work perfectly with your stock calipers, on and off the track. We teamed up with Girodisc in 2005 to develop what has become the best 2-piece rotors available for the Lotus Elise/Exige, and they are now available for your Alfa 4C!  Track and street tested in our 4C.  Another Sector111 exclusive.  Buy all 4 rotors and save 15%!

Price is per set of 2 Rotors (Front or Rear) or for a Complete Car (4 rotors)


  • Anodized aircraft 6061 T-6 billet aluminum hats
  • Front-specific rotor
    • Save ~ .5 lbs/front rotor
    • Save ~ 1.25 lbs/rear rotor


  • Slotted, not drilled
    • Clean rotor-pad interface and maintains maximum grip surface
    • Will not compromise structural integrity like drilled rotors that tend to crack
  • High carbon-iron rotor
    • Stable thermal properties
    • Longer wear characteristics
    • Zinc plated for corrosion resistance
  • Extremely high street milage
    • Sector111 Lotus Elise/Exige have logged 40,000 + track & street miles on one set of similar rotors
  • Run on track in extreme conditions
  • Hard anodized hats for superior wear


  • Exact fitment for the 4C
  • On the market for the Lotus Elise application since 2005
  • Tested on the road & track

True floating rotor = With No rattles or Uneven Wear

  • Cadmium plated alloy bushings
  • Grade 12.9 cap screws with spring washers
  • More effective at reducing heat than a simple 2-piece rotor
  • Spring washer provides float & control
    • No rattles 
    • Even wear

Ultimate Cooling = Reduced Fade

  • Directionally-curved vanes
    • Act as a centrifugal air pump to actively move cool air through the rotor
    • Quickly remove heat that causes brake fade

SPIDER 105/115





GTV 105/115


G2/GIRODISC have developed a lightweight, two-piece ro- tor, 4-wheel brake set for the Alfa Romeo V-6 transaxle cars, the 115 4 cylinder cars, and able to fit 4 cyl transaxle cars.

The front rotor is almost 5% larger in diameter and 15% larger in width than the V-6 rotor. The Wilwood 4-pot caliper allows fitment with most 15” wheels, and some 14” wheels (wheel spacers may be required on 14”).

This caliper is a new generation, WILWOOD BILLET DYNAPRO. Its sleek profile, superior strength, and durability is optimal for this application. Design facilitates pad changes in a matter of seconds. Caliper includes dust seals. 

At the rear, the existing caliper is utilized with an Alfa Romeo “SZ” spacer to ac- commodate the increased width of the two-piece, ventilated rotor. The vented rotor and aluminum hat help shed heat - a problem for the in-board brake cars. 



  • 􏰀 280 mm curved vane/floating front rotors, slotted and zinc washed
  • 􏰀 250 mm straight vane/floating rear rotors, slotted and zinc washed
  • 􏰀 Wilwood Dynapro front calipers
  • 􏰀 Caliper brackets
  • 􏰀 Rebuilt rear calipers with “SZ” spacer
  • 􏰀 S.S. brake lines
  • 􏰀 Wilwood front pads/Ferodo rearsstandard

Options include larger front systems for cars with 17” wheels, outboard rear systems, and dual, non-boosted, master cylin- ders with balance bar.