expertise and knowledge in all facets of automotive service and repair derived from years of experience and brand-specific training.



Classic Repair
Import vehicles can be an economical or stylish alternative to domestic cars. Obviously, they will require general repairs at some point. Additionally, maintenance and repair of these vehicles requires knowledge and tools not possessed by many auto shops. If you have issues with your import vehicle, contact or visit Group 2 Motorsports today for professional import general repairs. We have the expertise required to get your vehicle where you want it to be. 


  • Alignment - We have the specialized equipment and knowledge required to diagnose and service chassis and alignment issues for vintage and classic cars.
  • Suspension - We can source and replace existing suspension components as well as specify and install upgraded systems appropriate to the car and the application. We know vintage suspension.
  • Brakes - Vintage brake systems are unique and require experience and special tooling. In addition to having the necessary experience and tooling, we can specify and install upgraded brake systems for most vintage brands.
  • Engine Rebuilding - We service, upgrade, and rebuild vintage engines to any level of street or competition use required. Years of experience with vintage engines and their special needs results in effective, knowledgeable and efficient services.
  • Mechanical Restoration - We have the expertise and tooling to restore, rebuild or recommission vintage and classic cars of all eras and types. We are known throughout the Northwest for the depth of our mechanical knowledge and expertise with vintage/classic mechanical restoration work.
  • Electrical - Diagnosis and repair of all vintage electrical systems and components, including new wiring harnesses for many vintage and classic cars. We understand 6 volt, 12 volt and negative ground electrical systems.


  • Tune-ups and Maintenance - We have a very long list of vintage and classic car owners and collectors who rely on Group 2 for their annual and/or periodic tune-up and maintenance services.
  • Wheels - Repairing and sourcing vintage wheels is a Group 2 specialty. No one understands vintage and classic car wheel fitments better than we do.
  • Tires - Sourcing tires for vintage and classic cars is part of Group 2's reputation as a one stop shop for all your special needs and requirements. We are also a Tire Rack partner and the exclusive local dealer for Vredestien performance tires, so we can handle any tire requirements you might have.
  • Oil and Fluids - Sourcing and supplying oils and fluids for vintage and classic cars requires a clear understanding of how both modern and vintage oils and fluids perform and specifying the right product for the application. We stock a wide variety of oils and fluids for many unique applications.
  • Exhaust - We can provide specifications and fabrication for replacement systems that meet OEM standards or that provide performance enhancements, depending on the needs of the customer.
  • Fabrication - We have a fabrication, machine work and welding shop available to reengineer and refurbish existing systems or create new systems as needed. If it needs doing, we can get it done.