Walnut Intake Valve Blasting Service

This service removes carbon deposits mechanically from the back of the intake valves (a build-up associated with direct-injection flow dynamics; a reverse-flow of crank-case ventilation gases and oil - up through the intake port - causes carbon deposits when the intake valves open.) The phenomenon also occurs due to the absence of injector fuel flow in the intake-tract (as with traditional fuel-injection designs.)

  • A BMW-Recommended Service!
  • Crucial service for many newer BMW, Audi and all other Direct-Injection Vehicles every 40,000 to 60,000 miles!
  • Safe, low-abrasive, manual cleaning of the intake ports, intake valve stems, guides and back-of-the-valve areas!
  • Vehicles with 80K to 100K miles (or even sooner) without cleaning can experience diminished power output, hesitation, rough idle, stalling, difficulty starting at times and even high fuel consumption.
  • While Group 2 Motorsports does offer chemical fuel tank-based and injection rail cleaning services as a preventative service, these carbon deposits can only be removed effectively using this manual walnut blasting procedure.
  • Removal and re-installation of the intake plenum is required and varies in required time - depending on vehicle make and model; the actual cleaning of the valves (once exposed and the engine rotated to the closed valve position one cylinder at a time) can be completed in as little as 1-hour!

Please contact us today for a quote to perform this crucial service on your specific vehicle!