our mechanics are experienced and accomplished race mechanics as well as drivers, and understand what it takes to compete at any level.



Import General Repair
Import vehicles can be an economical or stylish alternative to domestic cars. Obviously, they will require general repairs at some point. Additionally, maintenance and repair of these vehicles requires knowledge and tools not possessed by many auto shops. If you have issues with your import vehicle, contact or visit Group 2 Motorsports today for professional import general repairs. We have the expertise required to get your vehicle where you want it to be.


  • Alignment - Hunter Hawkeye alignment. Street, track, dirt and full race preparation.
  • Suspension - needs analysis, specification and installation of custom suspension systems.
  • Brakes - analysis, product specification and installation of performance brake systems for street, dirty or track. We sell the best, and design the rest.
  • Computer and Electronic - diagnosis, repair and replacement of OEM and custom computer electronic systems. Excellent diagnostic skills and experience.
  • Electrical - diagnosis and repair of all electrical systems and components, as well as custom wiring.
  • Parts Sourcing - We have exhaustive experience in parts sourcing for obscure, hard to find and specialty market parts from around the world.


  • Wheels - specification and installation for performance street, track, dirt or full race.
  • Tires - Vredestein performance tire dealer and Tire Rack partner. Street, track, race.
  • Exhaust - Performance exhaust systems for street and race.
  • Fabrication - We have a complete fabrication and welding shop available for all your fabrication needs, including roll bars, specialty mounts, equipment brackets, etc.
  • Equipment Installation - We can install any specialized street or track equipment, including competition seats, roll bars, etc.
  • Race Car Preparation and Certification - We can provide comprehensive race car preparation and certification for club racing, SCCA, track days, spec Miata, Pro3 and other venues.