"Through our research and development of high performance engines, we realized the need for the production of higher quality and more durable clutch systems to meet the rigorous demands of racing. By utilizing high-quality materials and superior manufacturing techniques, our clutches are renowned for durability and the ability to effectively transmit engine power with minimal loss. Our continual research and development has brought about many improvements since our multi-plate clutch line's original debut in 1983, and we are confident that our clutches can meet the demands of even the most heavily modified vehicles.


  • By combining a decreased disk diameter (vs OEM) with a solid design and carefully selected components, our clutch allows for extremely efficient power transfer and improved engine response.
  • Our specially designed clutch cover contains a unique leverage mechanism for the diaphragm spring, resulting in a higher clamping load of the clutch disk(s) while reducing pedal effort.
  • Integrated ventilation holes reduce heat generated inside the clutch system and allow for friction plate dust to exit outside the clutch system, thus increasing reliability and safety.
  • Both the clutch components and the flywheel are constructed using the same specialized steel alloy to ensure similar heating characteristics across the assembly to minimize warpage and increase durability.